I’m talking about marriage

Lets ages

I’m talking about marriage

You my favorite thing

It’s time you have my last name

We can fuss and fight

I still got you though the up’s and downs

Every night it’s a kiss good night

I love being next to you

That’s why you get the I do

You and I sharing a lifetime

I love having you around

I’m glad you are who I found

I tell the whole world you’re mines

Explain why I took the knee

See you’re one of a kind

You’re the reason I smile

You make me feel special

I had to write wedding vows

My heart is yours

You’re everything I looked for and more

So I asks you lets ages

I’m talking about marriage

One sided love

One sided love

Don’t even answer my calls

I wanted us to be each other’s all

Instead we two mix match gloves

The mix match no longer match

Once upon a time I thought the perfect catch

I thought the love was blossoming and had a good hatch

But I was wrong the mix was a wrong batch

I thought the love was double-sided

But that’s just how hard I love

Right now it hurts on the inside

Crying to the man up above

The other side full of lies

Why oh why why

One sided love

I told her she put the bae in Baecation

I told her she put the bae in Baecation

Valentine’s Day is coming

Attention and affection affection and attention

Baecation you’re the one I’m loving

No longer looking for passion

I found Bae and she about to get that baecation

Bae today about to be your day

You’re about to get that lets baecation text

Let your emotions lead the way

This baecation is about to be the best

You will be looking forward to the next

What you need your birthday suit that’s it

This is about to be the shit

I’m looking forward to this Bae-nation

I told her she put the bae in baecation

I lay here alone

I lay here alone

But I’m thinking about you

When you get home it’s on

I’m gonna fuck and make love to you

My love for you is strong

And tonight you’re gonna feel it

Make sure you know who you with

For tonight you will sleep deep

I’m gonna put you to sleep

I vision you in so many different ways

We gonna turn day into night and night into day

I know you the one

That’s why I’m waiting for you

I lay here alone

I’m addicted

I’m addicted

Glad I got you

You are the shit

Addicted plus I love you

I can’t help it

Some call me obsessed

I don’t care you my woman

I better be impressed

Glad to be your man

I’m addicted

Never gonna let you go

You the only woman I wanna know

You are a special creation

I crave your attention and affection

You lite my inner fire

You are my every desire

I love this relationship we have created

I’m addicted

I wanna dance

I wanna dance

The Problem is I can’t

But tonight I’m bout to take a chance

Tonight is that night

I wanna dance

Baby lets two step

You go right I go left

Only music I want to hear is your smile

It’s driving me wild

I wanna dance

Your smile is the perfect Sound

I’m about to spin you around

Baby you know now you got a dip

My next move I’m bout to kiss you on the lips

I wanna dance

But today is your special day and dad just wanna say happy birthday

Words can’t even begin to explain how much I love this young man

But today is your special day

And dad just wanna say happy birthday

You look good at big 15

Keep doing you you amazing young king

I’m here for you in anyway and everyday

Seems like yesterday you was just a baby

I miss them days when you would just look up and say daddy

But I’m excited to watch you get older and become your own man

I’m proud of you

Keep doing you

I love you

January 20, 2005 you change my life

You made a young man a man

Watching you grow up has been awesome

When I get on you you don’t give me backtalk you just look at me and say OK

I love you for that

Thank you for knowing how to act

But today is your special day

And dad just wanna say happy birthday

Girl I wanna watch you do that

Girl I wanna watch you do that

Turn around and throw it back

You better know how to act

I’m about to give you this act right

Our private parts about to have a good fight

The kind of fight we can do again and again

You forever my lover friend

To make you my wife I’m a fiend

To make love to you only and forever

To quit on you never

Let do it forever and a day

Baby lets play

I’ll show you the way

Turn around and throw it back

Girl I wanna watch you do that