You cheated and I took you back

You cheated and I took you back

Hopefully now you know how to act

I’m believing you got it all out of your system

I must admit every now and then I’m like hmm

But I won’t bring it up

I chose to forgive and forget

Every blue moon I tell my thoughts to shut up

I’m not gonna reminisced on how you fucked up

You cheated and I took you back

What you did was wrong

But we gonna keep this relationship strong

We gonna let the past be the past

Me and you we gonna make it last

What you did was pain

I’m gonna leave it at the back of my brain

I believe you and I got so much joy to gain

You still the reason I smile

I see what are future can be and I’m like wow

You cheated and I took you back

I’m gonna leave it at that

I’m next to my mate

We are driving through the sky

I’m at a lost for words

I wanna play with the birds

I’m next to my mate

I wanna say hi just to say hi

I love the sound of her voice

Im wondering if she’s thinking what I’m thinking

Right now on the inside I’m smiling

With thoughts of love

I’m feeling kinda shy

I gotta tell her

I don’t want this to end

This feeling is great

I’m next to my mate

I said her name with my last name

I said her name with my last name

Damn it got a nice rang

I’m dating her in my head

I’m playing my own head game

Sometimes my head go bang bang

It plays with my nerves

She actually makes me nervous

I am what she deserves

Us together we gorgeous

Her I just want to serve

Is everything good

What you want what you need

I got you

How does this sound Mrs. Hood

Sounds good yes indeed

I can’t wait to hear her say I do

She is my everything

I said her name with my last name

You are a princess 👑

You so beautiful

You are a princess

Look at your smile is wonderful

You are a terrific little girl

You are going to make this world

You are a future queen

What’s your dreams

To be a princess

Well you are a Princess

You so full of joy and happiness

I want you to know you are the best

You’re so lovable you’re so adorable

You will see success nothing less

You beautiful princess

I want you to look in the mirror and say I am a princess

To my Daughter

To my daughter

You were never my stepchild

You will always be my daughter

I am Dad and you are a gift from your biological father

He may not like me

But you do complete me

Just as you are a part of him you are of me

When I look at you my daughter is what I see

As a baby you slept to my heart beat

I got to enjoy your first crawl and your first steps

Oh how I miss our baby talks

But I have enjoyed watching you grow up

You will always be daddy princess

You just don’t know how you have taught me to me selfless

Daughter you are apart of my happiness

This one is in my book 📖