You gotta understand my position

You gotta understand my position

That’s why I made the decision

Never with bad attention

I had to follow my intuition

My intuition comes with emotions

Hopefully they lead to the best actions

Everything comes with consequences

That’s good or bad

You only get so many chances

Sometimes just one chance

You gotta make the best decisions

Your decisions is why I made my decision

You gotta understand my position

Oh how things have changed

Oh how things have changed

You got money now

I’m scared of you

I guess I’m out of your range

You are forgetting about the ones that always been down

Money changing you

I look at you like who that

The old you where you at

I don’t know weather i’m starting to dislike you or money

The problem is money ain’t done nothing

You the one starting to act funny

You starting to get a little money and think you something

Oh how things have changed

I guess I can’t afford to be in your lane

You looking at me like I’m a lame

You talking to me like I’m a game

But I always got your back so you better put some respect on my name

Money starting to make you a lame

Keep acting like that and that money going to turn into flames

Oh don’t let it get hot

Mess around and start acting like a money thot

Now who’s the hoe

All over some doe

You forgot what it was like to be poe

You screaming money gang and you not even apart of the money gang

Now you think you to good to hang

Oh how things have changed

Damn you mad 😡

Damn you mad

I like the madness

Madness happiness

You mad I’m glad

I’m not selfless

I’m selfish

I like your frown

Your frown turns my frown around

White teeth gotta shine

All because you mad

Hell naw I’m not about to be sad

I’m gonna keep this shine to my smile

Don’t be mad it’s your time

Been there done that

Yes I’m laughing

So what

I already said I’m glad you mad

Damn you mad

No one is around

I gotta sit down

No one is around

I’m alone

Just me in my home

Talking to myself

Listening to no one else

I thought I heard a sound

Nope just a frown

Hanging out with me myself and I

I’m my own friend

No lie

Just me from beginning to end

Sometimes I scream

Other times I dream

Don’t let me look in the mirror

I start laughing for no reason

Some would say it’s liquor

But it’s my own season

No one is around

I gotta sit down

Martial Law Coming

Martial law coming

It’s time to get ready

Ain’t no running

It’s coming slow and steady

I don’t care where you live the suburbs are the hood

You better have your household goods

Toilet paper and food

Keep your love ones close

Right now the world doing the most

Show your family love

Keep thanking the man up above

On God keep calling

Martial law coming

I Hate Cheaters


To Cheat is the act of selfishness

You destroy someone’s happiness

To cheat mean you weak

It’s a sign of weakness

Don’t cheat

Man up or woman up

If you got a cheap move the fuck on

Cheating is wrong

I know you can be tempted but in your relationship stay strong

If you out and about and your weak go home

Cheating destroys lives

Have you ready to fight husbands and wives

All pain no gain

Cheating is a game

Please don’t play

It’s the only game where there’s no real winners

Just a bunch of fucking cheaters

All for what a few minutes


Please stop

In your relationship you should be on lock

Cherish the one you’re with

Before you cheat the relationship quit

Cheating hurts

So don’t do it

Cheating is not cool

It really makes you look like a fool

Don’t cheat

I hate cheaters

I came to see you

I came to see you

You told me to go away

I knew it was the end

The truth just became true

I had to tell myself to hold on OK

She was no longer my girlfriend

I didn’t understand

But at least now I know where we stand

Sometimes why doesn’t matter

Over is over

Together we are not better

I gotta believe

That’s what she told me

I looked at her and said fuck you

I came to see you