I said her name with my last name

I said her name with my last name

Damn it got a nice rang

I’m dating her in my head

I’m playing my own head game

Sometimes my head go bang bang

It plays with my nerves

She actually makes me nervous

I am what she deserves

Us together we gorgeous

Her I just want to serve

Is everything good

What you want what you need

I got you

How does this sound Mrs. Hood

Sounds good yes indeed

I can’t wait to hear her say I do

She is my everything

I said her name with my last name

You are a princess 👑

You so beautiful

You are a princess

Look at your smile is wonderful

You are a terrific little girl

You are going to make this world

You are a future queen

What’s your dreams

To be a princess

Well you are a Princess

You so full of joy and happiness

I want you to know you are the best

You’re so lovable you’re so adorable

You will see success nothing less

You beautiful princess

I want you to look in the mirror and say I am a princess

To my Daughter

To my daughter

You were never my stepchild

You will always be my daughter

I am Dad and you are a gift from your biological father

He may not like me

But you do complete me

Just as you are a part of him you are of me

When I look at you my daughter is what I see

As a baby you slept to my heart beat

I got to enjoy your first crawl and your first steps

Oh how I miss our baby talks

But I have enjoyed watching you grow up

You will always be daddy princess

You just don’t know how you have taught me to me selfless

Daughter you are apart of my happiness

This one is in my book 📖

I am change

She scared of change

I am change

I tell her don’t let things be strange

Together we are the future

Lets look at the bigger picture

Together life is gonna be very colorful

That’s you and I beautiful

Together lets get old

Lets aged though the decades

Together we’ll have it made

Lets take a chance on a lifetime of love

I know together for each other we’ll thank the God above

No need to be scared

For you I really care

I love you more than love

I know somethings can be strange

But you really for change

I am change

Aye aye look

Aye aye look

Get ready for the book

It is time

Poetic rhymes

Poetry by Ivan

Brings out your feelings

Helps you with your healing

Makes you feel good

Them rhymes by Mr. Hood

Get ready for the book

Them poetic rhymes about to have you hooked

You won’t put the book down

You gone keep a book mark around

What’s that good reading

Poetic rhymes writing ✍️

There is no mystery

Just good poetry

Get your money out

Get ready for the book

See what it’s about

Aye aye look

She told me I love you ❤️

She told me I love you

I told her I love you too

She said I love you more

I said I love you more than more

She smile and said I love you more than all the stars in the universe

I smile and said good you are my universe

You are the only star I see

In my life you’ll always be first

On earth the galaxy and the universe the only thing that matters to me is you and me

She told me I love you

I told her I love you too

You gotta understand my position

You gotta understand my position

That’s why I made the decision

Never with bad attention

I had to follow my intuition

My intuition comes with emotions

Hopefully they lead to the best actions

Everything comes with consequences

That’s good or bad

You only get so many chances

Sometimes just one chance

You gotta make the best decisions

Your decisions is why I made my decision

You gotta understand my position

Oh how things have changed

Oh how things have changed

You got money now

I’m scared of you

I guess I’m out of your range

You are forgetting about the ones that always been down

Money changing you

I look at you like who that

The old you where you at

I don’t know weather i’m starting to dislike you or money

The problem is money ain’t done nothing

You the one starting to act funny

You starting to get a little money and think you something

Oh how things have changed

I guess I can’t afford to be in your lane

You looking at me like I’m a lame

You talking to me like I’m a game

But I always got your back so you better put some respect on my name

Money starting to make you a lame

Keep acting like that and that money going to turn into flames

Oh don’t let it get hot

Mess around and start acting like a money thot

Now who’s the hoe

All over some doe

You forgot what it was like to be poe

You screaming money gang and you not even apart of the money gang

Now you think you to good to hang

Oh how things have changed