I call her baby

I call her baby

She’s my baby

She’s the only one I wanna call baby

I hit her up hey baby

In the morning it’s good morning my baby

All day long I love you baby

At night it’s definitely good night my baby

I can only sleep when I’m next to my baby

I’m lucky to have her as my baby

Baby baby babeeeee……

My lady is my baby

I call her baby

She introduce me to my kingdom

Am I woke

She introduce me to my kingdom

Does she really have the power

She speaks in silence

She is so dope

Around her I have freedom

She is my lover and teacher

Together we are a powerful alliance

She lets me lead

Even tho she’s really the leader

It’s just like chess

She’s the most powerful piece

She really is the best

She protects me

She knows that I am king

I know that I’m nothing without my queen

That’s what makes us such a great team

I knew it from the beginning

For me she took that jump

She introduce me to my kingdom

You cheated and I took you back

You cheated and I took you back

Hopefully now you know how to act

I’m believing you got it all out of your system

I must admit every now and then I’m like hmm

But I won’t bring it up

I chose to forgive and forget

Every blue moon I tell my thoughts to shut up

I’m not gonna reminisced on how you fucked up

You cheated and I took you back

What you did was wrong

But we gonna keep this relationship strong

We gonna let the past be the past

Me and you we gonna make it last

What you did was pain

I’m gonna leave it at the back of my brain

I believe you and I got so much joy to gain

You still the reason I smile

I see what are future can be and I’m like wow

You cheated and I took you back

I’m gonna leave it at that

I’m next to my mate

We are driving through the sky

I’m at a lost for words

I wanna play with the birds

I’m next to my mate

I wanna say hi just to say hi

I love the sound of her voice

Im wondering if she’s thinking what I’m thinking

Right now on the inside I’m smiling

With thoughts of love

I’m feeling kinda shy

I gotta tell her

I don’t want this to end

This feeling is great

I’m next to my mate