What she look like

What she look like

She’s mysterious

Beyond gorgeous

Looks that makes you wonder

Is she imaginary

Looks that’ll make your heart beat

Beautiful from within

Make you fall in love again and again

Looks beyond outer beauty

A beautiful personality

Thoughts so deep

You don’t really know if her apparent is beautiful or ugly

Her image is what you imagine

She’s so beautiful on the inside she can’t do nothing but shine

Her looks are my imagination

Are looks important

What she look like

Everybody want her but I got her

Everybody want her

But I got her

Lucky me

Now she’s complete

We became the team

Completed her dream and made her the queen

Her needs became my needs

Her wants became my wants

Together we are one

Everybody watching

But I tell her fuck their thoughts

We gonna have our ups and downs

Our downs are our fault

But during our downs I still want her around

Everybody want her

But I got her

We are love

We are the example from up above

Sometimes I call her love

She’s the angel and I’m the dove

Everybody wants to be us

Some are even jealous

Everybody curious

Everybody want her

But I got her

In so many different ways

I fall in love with you each and every day

In so many different ways

One because you are you

Two I do because I do

Three your smile

Four the conversation

Five your style

Six your passion and affection

Seven your kind heart

Eight you know how to play your part

Nine we have become each other‘s obsession

Ten together we are a beautiful work of art

I fall in love with you each and every day

In so many different ways

Is this an allusion

Is this an allusion

You see what I want you to see

What’s the truth

Is this a dream or vision

Do I need someone to save me

I do what I wanna do

A Heart of passion

Please believe me

I might tell you what I know

Or I might tell you where to go

Is this an allusion

Tell me what’s in front of your eyes

You see the truth or lies

What’s your image

You ride or die

Or do I need to tell you to act your age

I need a stress reliever

I’m gonna lite some sage

Gonna make you a believer

Is this an allusion

You brought me nothing but smiles

You walked into my life

You brought me nothing but smiles

You kept me away from strife

You give me the best feeling ever

A life with you is worthwhile

Without you I hope its never

You make me feel like I can fly

Love so deep feel like I can do the impossible

Like we would really fly though the sky

You got me looking at life with a new birds view

Telling god thank you just for you

Now lets just review

I hope you can see

You are the best part of me

You give me vision

Making you happy is my mission

I love you just for you

Us together is more than a dream come true

For the first time I cried tears of joy

I can’t believe I was crying and laughing

This is the first time I ever feel like this

You are so remarkable

God has his hands on you when he made you

The good news is he made you for me

Every day I’m like wow

I hope that you can see

You brought me nothing but smiles

You walked into my life

I would love to have you as my wife

I’m trapped in a Penguin 🐧 body

I’m trapped in a penguin 🐧 body

But I really am a unicorn 🦄

So I wear a unicorn onesie

I know who I am

People would say that I’m confuse

But a unicorn I am him

You think that I’m a penguin but I am sorry I am not one of them

Unicorns are one of a kind

Look at me with my onesie I am definitely one of a kind

Look at me what’s on your mind

What do you see

Don’t let your eyes fool you

I am a unicorn

I am me

I’m a special somebody

I’m trapped in a penguin 🐧 body

I tried so hard

I tried so hard

I played the right cards

I still failed

Failure got me down

All I can do is frown

I’m trying to avoid this depression

I’m stressed but I still wanna know the lesson

I don’t like this feeling

It’s a pain on the inside that won’t go away

It’s like death is chasing me

I keep saying not today

But no longer do I wanna play

I just wanna feel better

I asked myself life why does it matter

I just want to feel complete

But it’s like I keep pulling the death card

I tried so hard