It must be you

I thought I couldn’t do this again

I’m falling in love

It must be you

I’m all in

Lets be two angel doves 🕊

Love is in the air

I feel like I can’t breathe

I wanna give you my last breath

Without you life wouldn’t be fair

I got a chill in my body

It must be you

Your side I never wanna leave

Who could be you…. nobody

You’re the perfect somebody

This feeling I can’t believe

It must be you

I once asked for more

You are the more

My heart is yours

I thought I couldn’t do this again

I’m falling in love

It must be you

Tick-tock that’s the sound of the clock

Tick-tock that’s the sound of the clock

I thought I had you on lock

You was once my rock

You had my heart going pop pop

More like hippity clap

I could feel my heart from my back

we on a count down and I can’t believe that

Now who don’t know how to act

I always had your back

You may be quiet but I can still hear the sound of the clock

Tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock

The silence got me hot 🥵

I don’t even want to eat

But I can taste my own sweat

Time is running out and I hope you pop this lock

Tick-tock that’s the sound of the clock

I’m Mad

I’m mad

I wanna react to my feelings

My mind saying be cool

My heart saying fuck that

The pain is calling

I’m trying not to acted a damn fool

Tired of carrying all this pain on my back

Shoulder so heavy I can’t even keep my head up

I want my thoughts to shut up

I’m mad

I’m my own Gemini twin

I’m my own Gemini twin

Its Gemini season

And I’m all in

June 16 is the reason

This season every year I turn a different age again and again

Every year I ages

I enjoy doing it on the Gemini stage

It’s like a book every season is a different page

The Gemini twin is calm and collective

Always positive never negative

I do it like a true Gemini king

That has a nice rang

Call me The Gemini king

I’m so positive everyone wants to hang

I’m a true friend to the end

Gemini season is where it all began

I’m a Gemini and I always win

They say Geminis have multiple personalities

Calm and collective is my reality

I’m my own Gemini twin

Eyes full of water my heart pounding

Eyes full of water

My heart pounding

So much pain

Lover why lover

My mind is screaming

Horrible thoughts is all that I gained

Love this hurts

My body is so cold but my insides are so warm

i’m hoping that I don’t explode

Just in search of a good feeling

But it seem like all the pain does is reload

I tell God I don’t want to feel like this

Life love this can’t be it

Sometimes I feel like this is suicide

Am I killing myself

Sure feels like it on the inside

This is a callout for help help

My heart beating too fast

I need an ICU

I’m in critical condition

I hope this pain don’t last

All because I love you

For you I guess I got too much passion too much emotions

I guess I am a soft ass

Eyes full of water

My heart pounding

You say you not ashamed

You say you not ashamed

But I’m just some big little secret

You tell no one my name

Of us you post no pictures

To you I’m just some creature

I asks myself why

I don’t have an answer

I would asks you

But I don’t wanna here your lies

I love you

I wish you would show me off

On the inside I’m starting to die

You got me feeling like a lame

What’s the problem

I don’t wanna play this game

I hope I’m not just another number

You say you not ashamed

Our love is our art

Our love is our art

This is more than a hallmark

You got my heart

From your daddy‘s princess to my queen

Yea this is a dream

And it just came true

Thank god cause I love you

Fairytales and happily ever after‘s

I never been more sure

You got my heart pure

For the first time I got no questions

I already know the answer love and passion

Let’s do this A lifetime full of affection

I’m here for you the past present and future

Our smiles together is the perfect picture

You got my heart

Our love is our art

I’m doing everything with a smile on my face

I’m doing everything with a smile on my face

I don’t care if it’s chaos or peace

No matter what a smile leads to a happy place

I smile for nothing

Because a smile can turn into a perfect something

It’s easier to smile than frown

So I don’t let frowns come around

I let a smile hold me down

A smile can change everything

A smile is a perfect thing

I smile again and again

A smile is a good kind of win

For a smile I’m all in

A smile is my best friend

A smile is my happy place

I’m doing everything with a smile on my face

Damn you got me hooked

Damn you got me hooked

You got me hooked on your scent

Your smell on top of your looks

You got me feeling different

I’m about to step into your lane

I’m tired of watching from a distance

Baby girl I don’t wanna play no games

Baby I need my chance

I’m about to shoot my shot

Your looks and scent got me feeling hot

Hello how you doing you smelling good

You Looking like a goddess

Can I take you out

The only answer is yes

Lets hangout

Let me buy you a dress 👗

I’m telling you right now I’m the best

I’ll change your life

I’m the right spice

Your scent got me feeling nice

Taking this chance I know I’m rolling the dices

I love the way you smell

Your scent is just so real

It’s it’s on kind of love spell

You and I I like the way we look

Damn you got me hooked