I don’t want this to end

I don’t want this to end
Is this only for the night
I could live in this night again and again
The night is right
The moon is bright
The moon is full
I got you for the night
I pray for time to slow down
I’m enjoying having you around
I don’t want this to end
For the first time the night is perfect
This is the perfect moment
This night was needed
This night was perfected
My smile was the perfect statement
Tonight no matter what I win
I get to be next to you
This feeling is so true
I don’t want this to end

Music: For Love
Musician: Jef.

I don’t wanna wake up

I fell in love with my dream 

I don’t wanna wake up 

I’m sleeping with peace 

The dream is my queen 

The queen is what’s sup 

She keeps a smile on my face 

She blows in my ear 

Whisper that she cares 

Never gives me a nightmare 

Hugs me with nothing but emotions 

Chills my body with passion

The dream with so much affection

I don’t wanna wake up

To open my eyes that would suck

To realize that she was only temporary

Have me chasing a mystery 

A dream that was so gorgeous

Something so mysterious

To wake up 

I don’t wanna know what that means 

I only wanna live in my dreams 

Do dreams come true 

I hope that they do 

I would tell her 

That I only choose you 

I don’t wanna wake up

Poetic Rhymes Poetry by Ivan Hood

Poetic rhymes that’s my poetry name. #PoetryByIvan: My name is Ivan Hood and Poetry to me is a form of art. Poetry makes me feel free and alive. When I write poetry I put myself in different shoes so I can speak from different points of views. As I write 99% of the time I am not Ivan Hood. I am Poetic Rhymes and welcome to my world of poetry!