I Woke Up Scared

I woke up scared

I was dripping wet with sweat

I just had a nightmare

I swear to god it was weird

I’m so hot I got a fever

I’m so sick I can’t even eat

I’m sleepy but I don’t wanna sleep

Honestly I don’t wanna dream

My body needs to sleep to recharge

Sleep I just can’t do it

They Told me if I sleep I’ll feel better

But I don’t care

My dreams are a tragedy

My nightmares are getting greedy

Sleep fuck this shit

My Nightmares trying to put me in the grave

When I sleep I’m getting beat

Dreams trying to make me a slave

The dream catcher I’m ready to meet

If I was him…….

I’ll be scared

I woke up scared

Grannies Baby

Grandmas boy

Grannies Baby

Thank God for grandma

Oh what a hell of a lady

It’s been years since you pass

But you are very much missed

We used to have a blast

Where did all that time go

Sometimes I just don’t know

I wish you were here

Just thinking about it makes me cry

I miss you

Sometimes I don’t know what to do

I need that granny advice

You would have me right

Like must be nice

After talking to you I thought I could do anything

Made me proud to say my name

Losing you was a game changer

Without you I feel like a random stranger

Im venting out loud through my poetry

I hope that you hear me

I want you to know that you are still loved

I may not be able to see you through this physical realm

And because of that sometimes I say damn

But I want you to know I still feel your spirit

Granny you was it

You was my everything and more

I miss you so much sometimes I get sick and sore

Not having you here really is a pain

No disrespect to God but I hope he knows what he gain

I’m sure he does

God please let her be my angel

Look out for me

Watch over me

Make me feel special

Like only a granny can

Granny thank you for raising me and teaching me to be a man

I know that you did the best that you can

Thank you I love you and I look forward to seeing you again

It’s the morning but it’s still dark out

It’s the morning

But it’s still dark out

I can’t sleep

I wish I was dreaming

I don’t even care what about

I just wish I could sleep real deep

My eyes are heavy

But they won’t shut

For sleep I am so ready

Tonight I need luck

Wait where is the NyQuil

No NyQuil what the hell

I can’t stop yarning

I just wanna be sleeping

Where is the dream catcher

I wanna meet you tonight

Something is not right

It’s the morning

But it’s still dark out

Goddamn goddamn

Goddamn goddamn

Or should I just say damn

It’s the color of your eyes

It’s better than the sunrise

It’s the definition of peace

Makes me feel good

You got eyes of joy

Makes me feel like I’m in outer space

You I will enjoy

Like the sweet sounds of amazing grace

You light up my heart

Your eyes are such a work of art

They are a creator of happiness

How did you get eyes like that

They are so selfless

Did you rob a cat

I love Your eyes 👀

Are those eyes real

Real or not I love the way they make me feel

They make me feel alive

Let me explain

Let me explain

Maybe I can help you understand

I am her man

So stay in your lane

That’s my girl

I don’t want no side piece

My girl is my world

I don’t play them games

I’m hers and she’s mines

She got all of me

For her I’m crazy

I just love her time

I don’t want nor do I have time for you

Let me explain

I love her I do

Money got Funny

Money got funny

So it was easy for you to go

What you thought I was a dummy

I am actually kind of a smarty

I know why you had to go

You wasn’t looking for love

you was looking for the money

I wish you could say it ain’t so

Things got rough

So we couldn’t do it big

For you I was no longer enough

You didn’t love me

You love all the other stuff

I’m trying not to take this shit rough

Its hard not to drop some tears

Me I was in love

We spend some years

I thought we were gonna walk across the main stage

Say a couple I do’s

I thought together we would Ages

The future they will call us grandpa and grandma

But that was just wishful thinking

I guess I better look at this mess as a blessing

I’m about to start counting Dollars again

Thanks for showing me you wasn’t my girl or my friend

Its moments like this that I guess I got to appreciate

Don’t worry you I will not hate

I wonder if anyone else can relate

You did me the way a bee does a flowers

The bee just after the honey

I’m Trying not to be sour

I was hoping it was more than just money

For me the struggle got real

You showed me a exactly how you feel

Love this wasn’t the real deal

My heart you just killed

Just because money got funny

Money got funny

Sometimes I don’t know

So much to let go
Sometimes I don’t know
Always wonder who’s who
What do I do
I can’t let you go
My love realer then a motherfucker
I’ll always wanna be yo lover
You got me
I don’t know if that’s a good thing or bad thing
But that’s the reason we stay together
I hope this something is more than nothing
I need a little something to work with
The question is do you love me
Do I really make you complete
Or am I here just because you got me
Listen to my voice
Am I your first choice
If not let me be
I put up a good fight
I gave you my all
That’s all of my love
If I’m not mr right
Go find mr right
I just want you to love me too
Sometimes I don’t know

I don’t want this to end

I don’t want this to end
Is this only for the night
I could live in this night again and again
The night is right
The moon is bright
The moon is full
I got you for the night
I pray for time to slow down
I’m enjoying having you around
I don’t want this to end
For the first time the night is perfect
This is the perfect moment
This night was needed
This night was perfected
My smile was the perfect statement
Tonight no matter what I win
I get to be next to you
This feeling is so true
I don’t want this to end

Music: For Love
Musician: Jef.

I don’t wanna wake up

I fell in love with my dream 

I don’t wanna wake up 

I’m sleeping with peace 

The dream is my queen 

The queen is what’s sup 

She keeps a smile on my face 

She blows in my ear 

Whisper that she cares 

Never gives me a nightmare 

Hugs me with nothing but emotions 

Chills my body with passion

The dream with so much affection

I don’t wanna wake up

To open my eyes that would suck

To realize that she was only temporary

Have me chasing a mystery 

A dream that was so gorgeous

Something so mysterious

To wake up 

I don’t wanna know what that means 

I only wanna live in my dreams 

Do dreams come true 

I hope that they do 

I would tell her 

That I only choose you 

I don’t wanna wake up