You Ready

You ready

I’m kind

I’m smart

Yeah that’s right intelligent

I know how to use my mind

I don’t play with hearts

I know how to make a commitment

I’ll make you my everything

Give you anything

The goal is to never fall apart

We’ll become a beautiful work of art

I’ll never keep you in the dark

I’ll show you off in the light

I’ll make are bond tight

Make your heart feel right

Present you with the perfect opportunity

I’ll change your whole reality

Make you smile daily

You ready



To Cheat is the act of selfishness

You destroy someone’s happiness

To cheat mean you weak

It’s a sign of weakness

Don’t cheat

Man up or woman up

If you got a cheap move the fuck on

Cheating is wrong

I know you can be tempted but in your relationship stay strong

If you out and about and your weak go home

Cheating destroys lives

Have you ready to fight husbands and wives

All pain no gain

Cheating is a game

Please don’t play

It’s the only game where there’s no real winners

Just a bunch of fucking cheaters

All for what a few minutes


Please stop

In your relationship you should be on lock

Cherish the one you’re with

Before you cheat the relationship quit

Cheating hurts

So don’t do it

Cheating is not cool

It really makes you look like a fool

Don’t cheat

I hate cheaters

I’m next to my mate

We are driving through the sky

I’m at a lost for words

I wanna play with the birds

I’m next to my mate

I wanna say hi just to say hi

I love the sound of her voice

Im wondering if she’s thinking what I’m thinking

Right now on the inside I’m smiling

With thoughts of love

I’m feeling kinda shy

I gotta tell her

I don’t want this to end

This feeling is great

I’m next to my mate

Can I take you on a baecation

Can I take you on a baecation

I’m talking about good sex time and affection

Spending time with you is my certification

Bae I’m gonna full you with this passion

My commitment is your satisfaction

Your smile is my only vision

Baecation is the Mission

You comfortable satisfied and naked is the only information

I need your attention

Baecation what’s the qualifications

I’m talking about good sex time and affection

Can I take you on a baecation

Does My Life Matter

Does my life matter

Will time make things better

Is there a such thing as greater

Will I see it sooner than later

Or should I say see you later alligator

Should I asks for help in my prayers

Do I need me a lover

If I do should she be a looker

Or do I need me some liquor

Will liquor make me a quitter

I kinda want to be a forgetter

Does my life have a better future

Will it be a big colorful picture

Will I make my kids proud

Can we lol laugh out loud

Turn frowns into smiles

Look back and say I don’t know how

Be grateful for tomorrow

Fuck all my past sorrows

For tomorrow my life will be better

Does my life matter