Poetic Rhymes Poetry by Ivan Hood

Poetic rhymes that’s my poetry name. #PoetryByIvan: My name is Ivan Hood and Poetry to me is a form of art. Poetry makes me feel free and alive. When I write poetry I put myself in different shoes so I can speak from different points of views. As I write 99% of the time I am not Ivan Hood. I am Poetic Rhymes and welcome to my world of poetry! 

I Saw Heaven In Your Eyes

I saw heaven in your eyes

It was like an dream no lie

From your head to your toes I saw it in your eyes

Now I’m questioning who you are

You’re smart beautiful kind and your smile drives me wild

I guess that’s because you got heaven within

I feel like if I just hold your hand I could walk on the stars

From looking in your eyes I know life with you never ends

Where do I begin

I don’t know but what I do know

I saw heaven in your eyes

You say you love me but you can’t see

You say you love me but you can’t see

I’m hurting

I only asks of you one thing

I got you but you don’t got me

Everyday you could do it we just chilling

I feel like you dragging me along

You probably don’t even want my name

On my insides I got so much rage

I’ve asked you one to many times

You really are wrong

On this I really wish you could change

You really are saying fuck me

You say you love me but you can’t see

I’m feeling suicidal

I’m feeling suicidal

I can no longer control these thoughts

This is my cry out for help

I used to think that I was special

I just wanted to stop… my heart

I can no longer help myself

This is my cry out

I’m tired of life being so dark

Death is now what I’m about

Let me be the first to apologize to my kids

Y’all will forever be daddy’s babies and we will be together in the afterlife

Please don’t let this affect your life

But it’s time for daddy to go

We will all die sooner or later

My time is just now

To live what’s the purpose

I’m feeling suicidal

I gotta give you the best of me

I gotta give you the best of me

That’s because together you make me complete

When I’m down you show me that you care

So when I’m up with me I want you right here

Here is right by my side

You give me a wonderful feeling on the inside

Damn right I hold you close to my heart

Thanks for playing your part

What’s your part

Wifey to be

I gotta give you the best of me

You look at me and I smile

That’s when I’m feeling good and when I’m feeling bad

if I had one wish time with you would be all that I wish that I had

Time with you is more than worthwhile

Every day I’m still like wow 🤩

Together our love is deep

I know you are for keeps

I gotta give you the best of me

Fresh strawberry lemonade

Fresh strawberry lemonade

Got me feeling good

My girl made it homemade

I can feel it in my blood

Got me feeling like I just got paid

Ready to change her last name to hood

Fresh strawberry lemonade

My girl got a ice cold

This lemonade I think I got it made

That first taste got me feeling like it’s gold

It definitely quince my thirst

I put that strawberry lemonade first

Fresh strawberry lemonade

It must be you

I thought I couldn’t do this again

I’m falling in love

It must be you

I’m all in

Lets be two angel doves 🕊

Love is in the air

I feel like I can’t breathe

I wanna give you my last breath

Without you life wouldn’t be fair

I got a chill in my body

It must be you

Your side I never wanna leave

Who could be you…. nobody

You’re the perfect somebody

This feeling I can’t believe

It must be you

I once asked for more

You are the more

My heart is yours

I thought I couldn’t do this again

I’m falling in love

It must be you

Tick-tock that’s the sound of the clock

Tick-tock that’s the sound of the clock

I thought I had you on lock

You was once my rock

You had my heart going pop pop

More like hippity clap

I could feel my heart from my back

we on a count down and I can’t believe that

Now who don’t know how to act

I always had your back

You may be quiet but I can still hear the sound of the clock

Tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock

The silence got me hot 🥵

I don’t even want to eat

But I can taste my own sweat

Time is running out and I hope you pop this lock

Tick-tock that’s the sound of the clock