Poetic Rhymes Poetry by Ivan Hood

Poetic rhymes that’s my poetry name. #PoetryByIvan: My name is Ivan Hood and Poetry to me is a form of art. Poetry makes me feel free and alive. When I write poetry I put myself in different shoes so I can speak from different points of views. As I write 99% of the time I am not Ivan Hood. I am Poetic Rhymes and welcome to my world of poetry! 

I miss you already

You gone for the week

I miss you already

A day without you is a day to long

My heart already beating different

My body is weak

My heart is heavy

I love you so much

I hope you do have fun

I can’t wait for this week to be done

I’m looking forward to hearing about your good time

I can’t wait for you to be in my arms again

Right now I’m sad but I’m also glad

I got something to look forward to

Your big ol beautiful smile

I’m glad you’re mines

Don’t get lost out there in the wild

If you do don’t worry I will come find you

When I get lonely I’ll watch videos of me and you

Is this week over

I’m so ready

I miss you already

Have fun my lover 😘

Without you I was a loser

Without you I was a loser

You make life better

Thanks you my friend and lover

I feel like we’re living a fairytale

Your kiss makes me a king

This is a story of an awesome female

My one my only true queen

You give me power in your smile

If you let me to love you for life is my vow

I feel love just from looking in your eyes

All I wanna do is make you happy

You still give me butterflies 🦋

You are perfectly imperfectly perfect

You are my heart

You’re god’s art

I pray that we never fall apart

You give my heart the beat of life

I can’t wait until the day that you become my wife

You have taught me to be selfless

I love you

You are the best

I’ll give you the I do right now I do

Once again thank you my friend and lover

Without you I was a loser

I’m letting you get away with things I wouldn’t let no one else

I’m letting you get away with things I wouldn’t let no one else

I’m starting to feel like I have forgot myself

Love has truly caught me

I am questioning myself like am I free

I look at you like you you you

Girl I don’t know what to do

Should I stay or should I go

Lord please let me know

I would already be gone if it was anyone else

I’m letting you get away with things I would let no one else

We said I do

We said I do

We in this to the end

For I love you

Wife lover and friend

Me and you for a lifetime this is it

No such thing as I quit

Wife I like the sound of that

I’m your husband and best believe I know how to act

Together for richer or poor

You will always be the woman I adore

Marriage equals you and I

I said I do to the heart in my eyes

I’m excited to grow and get old with you

We said I do

To My Heart ❤️

To my heart

You’re god’s art

You’re Perfectly imperfectly perfect

You make me feel terrific

For you I’m a fiend

You make me smile my queen

I love the sound of your soft beautiful voice

The sound makes my heart rejoice

I’m calling you my heart because you give my heart the beat of life

I look at you and think wife

You are my all my soul

Together lets grow grey and old

I love you my lady my baby

I got you in the light or the dark

This is dedicated to my heart

You are my world

My one and only perfect girl

Thanks for holding me down

You’re my forever not just my here and now

Us together lets let love show us the way

Happy Valentine’s Day

This is to you my heart

Your Eyes 👀

Goddamn goddamn

Or should I just say damn

It’s the color of your eyes

It’s better than the sunrise

It’s the definition of peace

Makes me feel good

You got eyes of joy

Makes me feel like I’m in outer space

You I will enjoy

Like the sweet sounds of amazing grace

You light up my heart

Your eyes are such a work of art

They are a creator of happiness

How did you get eyes like that

They are so selfless

Did you rob a cat

I love Your eyes 👀

Are those eyes real

Real or not I love the way they make me feel

They make me feel alive

Hi Poetic Rhymes

Hi poetic rhymes

Hello friend of poetry

Fancy us meeting here

I hope you enjoy my words

They are truly mines

I hope you find them friendly

For my words I really do care

They sometimes can be a double edge sword

They are definitely one of a kind

Poetic rhymes is the reality

I’ll tell the rhymes to come here

Hi poetic rhymes

The rhymes are truly an art

Sometimes they make you think and hurt

Other times they’ll turn your frown around

These rhymes definitely hold me down

Don’t miss that

The rhymes help me know how to act

They got my back during hard times

I just say hi poetic rhymes

I really just wanna go in deep

I’m listen to her sleep 😴 

I really just wanna go in deep 

We lay side by side

I wanna feel her insides 

I wanna wake her and tell her to go for a ride 

Her insides I wanna go in

Tonight I wanna do it again and again 

I’m starting to rise 

I’m about to wake her up with this surprise 

Give her that good good 

In return for that wet wet

I’m about to go for a swim 

My little man I’m about to let him drown 

I’m about to give her this woody wood

Make her glad the day we met

I’m gonna slide him in

And we gonna go round for round 

I’m pressed up against her cheeks 

I’m starting to get weak 

I really just wanna go in deep 

Now I can’t hear her sleep 

I’m talking about marriage

Lets ages

I’m talking about marriage

You my favorite thing

It’s time you have my last name

We can fuss and fight

I still got you though the up’s and downs

Every night it’s a kiss good night

I love being next to you

That’s why you get the I do

You and I sharing a lifetime

I love having you around

I’m glad you are who I found

I tell the whole world you’re mines

Explain why I took the knee

See you’re one of a kind

You’re the reason I smile

You make me feel special

I had to write wedding vows

My heart is yours

You’re everything I looked for and more

So I asks you lets ages

I’m talking about marriage