Damn you got me hooked

Damn you got me hooked

You got me hooked on your scent

Your smell on top of your looks

You got me feeling different

I’m about to step into your lane

I’m tired of watching from a distance

Baby girl I don’t wanna play no games

Baby I need my chance

I’m about to shoot my shot

Your looks and scent got me feeling hot

Hello how you doing you smelling good

You Looking like a goddess

Can I take you out

The only answer is yes

Lets hangout

Let me buy you a dress 👗

I’m telling you right now I’m the best

I’ll change your life

I’m the right spice

Your scent got me feeling nice

Taking this chance I know I’m rolling the dices

I love the way you smell

Your scent is just so real

It’s it’s on kind of love spell

You and I I like the way we look

Damn you got me hooked

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