Oh how things have changed

Oh how things have changed

You got money now

I’m scared of you

I guess I’m out of your range

You are forgetting about the ones that always been down

Money changing you

I look at you like who that

The old you where you at

I don’t know weather i’m starting to dislike you or money

The problem is money ain’t done nothing

You the one starting to act funny

You starting to get a little money and think you something

Oh how things have changed

I guess I can’t afford to be in your lane

You looking at me like I’m a lame

You talking to me like I’m a game

But I always got your back so you better put some respect on my name

Money starting to make you a lame

Keep acting like that and that money going to turn into flames

Oh don’t let it get hot

Mess around and start acting like a money thot

Now who’s the hoe

All over some doe

You forgot what it was like to be poe

You screaming money gang and you not even apart of the money gang

Now you think you to good to hang

Oh how things have changed

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