Something seems strange

Do you got a little friend

Something seems strange

I feel like this is the end

Things are slowly starting to change

I feel like I’m in the wrong lane

I must’ve missed your Signal

I caught a frown

You can see it in my dimples

I feel like I’m walking on a thin line

I’m trying not to fall but you already got me down

Fuck it what’s his name

Where did I go wrong

I can feel the pain

I wish this was a game

I would hit reset

I put my hand on my heart

The problem is the pain doesn’t go away

I don’t know how things filled apart

I hate yesterday

Now I hope for better days

I wish you the best

Let me stop

No I don’t

And I repeat no I don’t

I’m praying for rest

Just to think we was once at the top

Something seems strange

The pain goes bang bang

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