Now I’m down…

You used to view me as a star

Now I’m down…

You showing me who you really are

Its cool I won’t always be around

I thought we had a good thing

For you I would’ve done anything

I can’t even get no respect

You can’t even just say we done

If you gone just be gone

I get it you not the one

I thought we were one in the same

Fuck it you don’t deserve my name

Let me guess you never wanted it

But at anytime you could’ve called this relationship quits

But you just played me for giggles and shits

I guess I can say I still hit

But I wanted you to be more than just a name on a hit list

You never even make me bacon or Grits

What could I really expect

I just thought after all this time at least some respect

I wasn’t even good enough for breakfast

How was I ever going to make this last

I guess I was moving too fast

Now you’re just a blast in my past

Yeah I’m in my feelings

But I still had a blast

I will never forget the laugh or the smiles

I thought I was going to be writing wedding vows

I never will forget this frown

You taught me how

Now I’m down…

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