Back to December

Back to December

Can you remember

I guess not

I wanna go off

But I’m not

Do you care

I think not

You to busy being a thot

Let me take that back

You where once my love

Why did you forget how to act

I wanted you to be my wife

You where my baby

You was my life

I was just a maybe

You really hurt me

For you I would’ve done anything

You was my everything

Now my heart cries out

Thanks for showing me what you where about

I still wish you the best

I’m sorry I couldn’t be the best

I guess in the end that’s why you treated me like I was nothing

I’m trying to get some rest

I just wanna know

Why was it so easy to let me go

Help me sleep 😴

I haven’t slept in weeks

My body is weak

My eyes won’t dry out

Tears keep falling

I can’t even shout

But my insides can’t stop screaming

I can’t believe you just left me

And you did it in my time of need

What’s wrong with me

Without you I don’t feel complete

You just looked at me and said delete

I wanted you to be my forever

You where thinking never

I guess I should’ve cheated

But I just couldn’t

I was committed

We had some good times

Plenty of vacations

I gave you lots of love and affection

I gotta stop reminiscing

That’s lost time

When I met you I saw the warning signs

I thought slow and steady

You would change

I guess I couldn’t make you ready

Now without you I feel strange

Fuck December and November

Back to December

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