I miss you already

You gone for the week

I miss you already

A day without you is a day to long

My heart already beating different

My body is weak

My heart is heavy

I love you so much

I hope you do have fun

I can’t wait for this week to be done

I’m looking forward to hearing about your good time

I can’t wait for you to be in my arms again

Right now I’m sad but I’m also glad

I got something to look forward to

Your big ol beautiful smile

I’m glad you’re mines

Don’t get lost out there in the wild

If you do don’t worry I will come find you

When I get lonely I’ll watch videos of me and you

Is this week over

I’m so ready

I miss you already

Have fun my lover 😘

10 thoughts on “I miss you already

    1. Losing someone close to you is a different kind of feeling and we can’t do anything about it but hope in time we feel better and we are lost in time and after so much time here on earth you will found that someone again in a better place keep your head up Zambian Lady with a smile on your face 😁

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