She Said I’m Done

She said I’m done

I said why

She said Things are not changing

You still are the same

Time has just passed us by

This is no longer the beginning

I don’t look at you the same

I have dreams

You are no longer a part of them

I’m sorry you’re off the team

You no longer makes me smile

When you around all I do is frown

I view you as a clown

When I laugh it’s not with you it’s at you

I don’t view you as a man

I view you as a little boy

I hope you understand

I’m trying to find Joy

With you i once wanted years

Now when I look at you its nothing but tears

You was once my teddy bear and I really did care

Now I just wanna buy you a sympathy Beer

I gotta seen you on your way

So tomorrow I can start a brand new day

I got to get on with my future

You are no longer in the picture

I hope this doesn’t make you sad

Please don’t get mad

This is for the best

Now I gotta put us to rest

Have a good life

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