To Cheat is the act of selfishness

You destroy someone’s happiness

To cheat mean you weak

It’s a sign of weakness

Don’t cheat

Man up or woman up

If you got a cheap move the fuck on

Cheating is wrong

I know you can be tempted but in your relationship stay strong

If you out and about and your weak go home

Cheating destroys lives

Have you ready to fight husbands and wives

All pain no gain

Cheating is a game

Please don’t play

It’s the only game where there’s no real winners

Just a bunch of fucking cheaters

All for what a few minutes


Please stop

In your relationship you should be on lock

Cherish the one you’re with

Before you cheat the relationship quit

Cheating hurts

So don’t do it

Cheating is not cool

It really makes you look like a fool

Don’t cheat

I hate cheaters

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