Money got Funny

Money got funny

So it was easy for you to go

What you thought I was a dummy

I am actually kind of a smarty

I know why you had to go

You wasn’t looking for love

you was looking for the money

I wish you could say it ain’t so

Things got rough

So we couldn’t do it big

For you I was no longer enough

You didn’t love me

You love all the other stuff

I’m trying not to take this shit rough

Its hard not to drop some tears

Me I was in love

We spend some years

I thought we were gonna walk across the main stage

Say a couple I do’s

I thought together we would Ages

The future they will call us grandpa and grandma

But that was just wishful thinking

I guess I better look at this mess as a blessing

I’m about to start counting Dollars again

Thanks for showing me you wasn’t my girl or my friend

Its moments like this that I guess I got to appreciate

Don’t worry you I will not hate

I wonder if anyone else can relate

You did me the way a bee does a flowers

The bee just after the honey

I’m Trying not to be sour

I was hoping it was more than just money

For me the struggle got real

You showed me a exactly how you feel

Love this wasn’t the real deal

My heart you just killed

Just because money got funny

Money got funny

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