Grannies Baby

Grandmas boy

Grannies Baby

Thank God for grandma

Oh what a hell of a lady

It’s been years since you pass

But you are very much missed

We used to have a blast

Where did all that time go

Sometimes I just don’t know

I wish you were here

Just thinking about it makes me cry

I miss you

Sometimes I don’t know what to do

I need that granny advice

You would have me right

Like must be nice

After talking to you I thought I could do anything

Made me proud to say my name

Losing you was a game changer

Without you I feel like a random stranger

Im venting out loud through my poetry

I hope that you hear me

I want you to know that you are still loved

I may not be able to see you through this physical realm

And because of that sometimes I say damn

But I want you to know I still feel your spirit

Granny you was it

You was my everything and more

I miss you so much sometimes I get sick and sore

Not having you here really is a pain

No disrespect to God but I hope he knows what he gain

I’m sure he does

God please let her be my angel

Look out for me

Watch over me

Make me feel special

Like only a granny can

Granny thank you for raising me and teaching me to be a man

I know that you did the best that you can

Thank you I love you and I look forward to seeing you again

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