I don’t wanna wake up

I fell in love with my dream 

I don’t wanna wake up 

I’m sleeping with peace 

The dream is my queen 

The queen is what’s sup 

She keeps a smile on my face 

She blows in my ear 

Whisper that she cares 

Never gives me a nightmare 

Hugs me with nothing but emotions 

Chills my body with passion

The dream with so much affection

I don’t wanna wake up

To open my eyes that would suck

To realize that she was only temporary

Have me chasing a mystery 

A dream that was so gorgeous

Something so mysterious

To wake up 

I don’t wanna know what that means 

I only wanna live in my dreams 

Do dreams come true 

I hope that they do 

I would tell her 

That I only choose you 

I don’t wanna wake up

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